Lorry Type: Hino Profia 24Ton 10Tipper Tire
-Change the Brake Lining
-Resolve Gearbox Leaking
-Change the tires
Today we are a little happy, we make our own lorry. While our foreman was adjusting the brake, the foreman saw that the brake lining was already worn out. So we replaced the brake lining today. When we changed the brake lining, we saw the gearbox was leaking, the foreman opened the PTO and saw that the oil seal was damaged and the PTO long shaft coupling was damaged. We replace all damaged items. After we finished work, we changed 4 tires because the tires were bald. The driver can now work calmly. All problems have been resolved. 😁
Spare Parts Used In This Work
1. Brake Lining - 1set
2. PTO Oil Seal - 1pcs
3. PTO Long Shaft Coupling - 2pcs
4. Tires 295 - 4pcs
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